Integrity and Experience


At French Oak Project, we don't just make luxury hardwood floors; we approach each board as a work of art. By combining Old World Techniques with today's latest technology, we create durability and timeless appeal in each of our solid and engineered high-end floors, adding the ultimate value to your home or business.

French Oak Project pays exceptional detail to each step of the manufacturing process; understanding that it is the combination of how we approach each step that makes our hardwood floors extraordinary.

French Oak Project offers expertly crafted wood flooring and accessories made from the finest species of trees that are best suited for wood flooring from around the world.

Hand Crafted
The beauty of French Oak Project floors is a direct result of pristine wood used and the expert artisans who craft them. All of our French White Oak Floors are hand finished with French oil to create a true artistic design. Our craftsmen specialize in techniques that include wire brushing, hand pulled flame treatment, fuming, bleed work, rocking, and carbonization to create the distinctive looks of each of our collections. Additionally, each and every one of our custom products is 100% handmade, adding a personal touch to your finished product.

Through our direct relationships with the owners of the highest quality forests, French Oak Project is able to source virtually any wood species for custom orders for a variety of wood products including stairs, beams, wood floors and raw lumber.

Industry Leading Specifications
The superiority of a French Oak Project floor is in the details. We are proud to offer some of the longest and widest boards on the market. All of our hardwood boards are between 6 and 7 foot standard length and 7 to 9 inch standard width, and are available custom up to 12 inch by 12 foot. Additionally, our engineered floors come with a standard 6mm top layer veneer, which is 50% thicker than the industry standard of 4mm.

Only the Best Materials and Construction
Only the highest quality materials are used in the creation of your French Oak Project floors, stairs, moulding, and maintenance products. Our French White Oak comes from historic forests in France and Belgium, which produce far superior logs to those sourced from Eastern Europe.

Our engineered floors are laminated to a high-quality birch base, never on inferior pine or poplar. Our eco-friendly French oil products, are plant based and all natural. They have been specifically designed to help preserve the natural beauty and sheen of your French Oak Project floor without adverse effect to your health or the environment.

Why Choose French Oak Project
French Oak Project is not like other wood flooring and hardwood interior manufacturers. French Oak Project is not just committed to bringing the most luxurious and highest quality wood floors and products to life at an exceptional price, but also providing the best experience for its customers.

Go Direct
No middle man, French Oak Project manufactures its own floors from pre-finished collections to fully custom and reclaimed floors, beams, stairs, moulding, and paneling. French Oak Project makes every floor, never re-selling other companies' products.

High Quality
French Oak Project directly sources only the finest timbers and adheres to strict grading standards when it comes to the wood used to make a French Oak Project floor. French Oak Project French White Oak is sourced from old growth forests in France and Belgium and all custom and reclaimed lumber is inspected prior to milling for quality and character. French Oak Project floors are heat resistant and carry a lifetime delamination warranty for all engineered products.

Flexible Solutions
French Oak Project can meet any customer demand from jobs ranging from 500 to 50,000 sq. ft. to special treatments, colors, and finishes, rare and unique wood species, lead time, custom widths and lengths, as well as budgetary constraints. French Oak Project specializes in engineering flexible solutions to meet customer needs without sacrificing quality.

French Oak Project core team has over 100 years combined experience in the wood flooring and lumber business having sold over 20,000,000 sq. ft. of hardwood floors during the last 20 years. French Oak Project master woodworkers can create virtually any look, color, or texture combining hundreds of years of woodworking knowledge with today's latest and greatest technologies.

Great Service
French Oak Project understands that the measure of its business is only as strong as its last customers experience. French Oak Project assists its customers at every step of the process and doesn't consider a job complete until each customer is fully satisfied.

Our Promise
French Oak Project is committed to your satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to make your floor a beautiful investment in your space. French Oak Project knows the value of getting it right and making a great product. That is why French Oak Project replaces any defective boards immediately to ensure you get the floor you love.