Invest in the foundation, build something solid. That's good advice for life. And wood floors.
View of Hollywood Hills
Planked with the skill and integrity of the fine craftsmen. Engrained with a meticulous attention to detail.
Reveal the wisdom of the material: distressed, antiqued, hand-rubbed. A fine finish every time.
Still shot of a kitchen of a Hollywood Hills home.
Still shot of a bathroom of a Hollywood Hills home.
Choose from dramatic grain patterns inherent in genuine hard woods: English Walnut, Black Cherry, French Oak...
Still shot of a view from the living room in a Hollywood Hills home.
Board certified by origin and sourced only from carefully cureated and responsibly managed forests.
Lay the groundwork for an authentic, beautiful space, be it at home, hospitality or high-end retail.
Samples of hardwood come in pretty boxes.


Hand pick your sample set.
We'll deliver to your door.
French Government Certified French Oak Sourced only from Sustainable Forests
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